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Unveiling the Grades of Black Tea: BOPSM, BP, PD, PF and Their Significance

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Welcome back to our aromatic tea journey! In this segment, we delve into the captivating world of Black Tea and the intricate grading system that determines its distinct characteristics. From the bold and malty to the delicate and aromatic, each grade of Black Tea brings its unique allure and flavor to your teacup. Join us as we decode the mysterious abbreviations - BOPSM, BP, PD, and PF - and uncover the stories hidden within.

1. BOPSM - Broken Orange Pekoe Souchong: Bold and Flavorful

Discover the beauty of BOPSM, where "Broken" refers to the crushed tea leaves that release an explosion of flavor. Embrace the strong, full-bodied brew that awakens the senses with every sip. Learn about the deep amber liquor and robust taste that make BOPSM a beloved choice for traditional breakfast teas.

2. BP - Broken Pekoe: Bright and Brisk

Explore the brilliance of BP, where "Broken Pekoe" leaves are distinguished by their small size. Revel in the brisk and lively cup, featuring a vibrant coppery hue and a delightful astringency. Uncover how BP blends effortlessly with milk and sugar, making it a popular choice for your morning cuppa.

3. PD - Pekoe Dust: A Powerful Elixir

Dive into the realm of PD, where "Pekoe Dust" leaves create a potent and bold infusion. Admire the rich color and intense flavor that emanates from this fine-grade tea. Learn about the various culinary uses of PD, making it a versatile ingredient beyond just a tea beverage.

4. PF - Pekoe Fannings: Aromatic and Inviting

Indulge in the inviting charm of PF, where "Pekoe Fannings" leaves add a delicate touch to your teapot. Savor the enticing aroma and lively liquor that PF brings to your cup. Unveil the culinary potential of PF in making tea blends and discover why it is a preferred choice for tea bags.

5. Decoding the Significance of Grades: From Gardens to Teapots

Understand how tea gardens and production methods influence the grading of Black Tea. Delve into the tea estates' unique characteristics, where elevation, weather, and soil contribute to the tea's final grade. Appreciate the artistry and expertise of tea blenders in crafting each blend to perfection.

Conclusion: Savoring the Palette of Black Tea Grades

As we conclude this exploration of Black Tea grades, we invite you to explore the depth of flavors each grade offers. Whether you prefer the boldness of BOPSM, the brightness of BP, the power of PD, or the aroma of PF, every cup of Black Tea tells a story of craftsmanship and passion.

Join us in the next part of our series, where we'll unravel the world of Tisanes, exploring herbal infusions and their art of brewing.

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